Ultimately, our Group Training Service has two main goals…to optimise physical performance and minimise the risk of injury for everyday people, so they can be at their physical best for life, work and recreation.

Our Group Training Program has been developed to provide our members a balance of both Strength and Fitness.

We have developed a “TIERED GROUP TRAINING PROGRAM” which brings individualisation into the Group Training space. This ensures those individuals which are new to training are progressed appropriately and our more experienced members are challenged and able to develop long-term.

The individualisation which our structure has brought to the Group Training space also allows our members to focus on qualities that are most important to them. Members wishing to prioritise strength development are able to and members wishing to prioritise general fitness are also accommodated.

What kind of Training is in Evolve’s Group Training Program?

We are a Strength and Conditioning Facility at heart. Strength and Conditioning is not a commercialised type of training, found commonly in other Group Training Gym’s. Purpose and context determines our practice. Our program is multi-disciplinary which means, training with Evolve, you may experience all different “types’ of training, from circuit training, elements of Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, “functional training” and general strength training. At the end of the day, ‘type’ of training is dictated by what is to be achieved and what tools are best for the job.

We recommend, to get a better of idea of what we offer, to contact us and organise a Trial period.

Membership Info & Pricing

Unlimited Group Training Membership – $44.00/week

Student Unlimited Group Training Membership – $34.00/week

No Lock-in Contracts